CeMAP Training and IFA’s

CeMAP Training and IFA's

CeMAP Training and IFA’s

CeMAP Training and IFA’s
Many mortgage advisers started training to become a mortgage adviser relatively late in the pathway to becoming a mortgage adviser. Some IFA’s have training of 5-10 years while others begin training for up to 10 years.

CeMAP is the professional body for all things mortgage related. CeMAP’s size, status and functionality is vast, this being the result of the merged timescales involved in the whole process of becoming a mortgage adviser. It has been divided into 4 groupsings i.e.

· CeMAP 1: Introductory Training

· CeMAP 2: Regional Graduate Sales

· CeMAP 3: Product Development

· CeMAP 4: Product Management

This is because the structured approach that CeMAP uses, and the type of products that are suited to the CeMAP model (say a re- Gamble model rather than a swan song approach) takes some time to train someone in.

The job for a CeMAP adviser is to research the lender’s literature, in particular the lender’s latest publications and information from interviews so as to be prepared for the interview. In fact, it is CeMAP’s role to liaise with the borrower’s loan holder to fully understand the financial position. It is also the CeMAP adviser’s responsibility to fully understand the legal aspects of the loan including its terms and conditions so that the borrower can understand the financial aspects of his or her loan. CeMAP Training and IFA’s

CeMAP 1 usually lasts 6 months and is the basic training for an unlicensed mortgage adviser. During this period, a CeMAP adviser is on the job learning the ropes as a result of their structured approach to learning. This is done through reading company publications, attending company Events, and also discussing with colleagues and joining the community of CeMAP advisers. CeMAP Training and IFA’s

CeMAP 2 is a slightly more advanced seminar involving a none day course. This seminar is for those who wish to complete a further 3-month CeMAP training course. The cessation of UN PBS funding, means that the number of CeMAP trainees rose sharply last year. This Adobe online course is a comprehensive review tool that provides the reader with complete instruction content including applications, common use of the mortgage industry, lender best practice, stress testing and budgeting. The complete syllabus for CeMAP 2 is available to CeMAP 3 and above level 2 and below. The syllabus covers in-depth, the various legal and regulatory environment for the CeMAP industry, and the financial services regulatory environment. CeMAP Training and IFA’s

To find out more aboutCeMAP trainingfrom home simply click on the link. Remember that the syllabus for the introductory training, and hence the diploma, is short, yet comprehensive and does not need to be “canned” for the CeMAP exam.

Best practice is to provide the learner with arie last training. It is a brief, well thought out exam, that gives everyone a taste for what is to come.

Practice questions are Typicallyraw, general questions that do not have specific answers that you should give. These questions need to be both written out and re-written so that the learner can practice their skill at writing. Some question types could include: answering trial questions, why you should believe the answer, sourcing information, diagnostic questions, answeringWhich country you want to visit, is the company looking for someone with your skills and experience, just to name a few.

So remember, give it a go and you will be rewarded with a pass in the CeMAP exam.

Good luck!

Understand the funding status of the company

Determine the cost of the training course

Consider the trainers qualification and/orAssociation membership

Determine the CeMAP number/Start date of the training

Who should complete the CeMAP training course?