How to Become a Better Lover


The thirties are a time for you to go caressing your manhood. You are going to enjoy yourself more and get the maximum out of your manhood experience leading to a happy relationship. In this post, I will give you a few tips to better understand the whole process and achieve maximum penis benefits through it.

Learn to Control yourself

There are times when we men indulge in bad masturbation habits which we may regret later. Or, we may not be able to give up those habits because we want to cure our premature ejaculation problem. If it is happening now, then stop it immediately. Allowing yourself the pleasure of masturbating regularly without ejaculating is a good start. You will gradually be able to control your body and regain control over yourself.

Use your Refractory Period

There are a few phases within a man’s masturbation wherein he can achieve orgasm. The refractory period is the period in which you can’t enjoy an orgasm. This is why you have to learn to control your entire process.

Learn to Breathe, Not Just Through testosterone

immersion in the male and female sex organs is important. There are countless sensations you experience as you move from one to another. If you are unsure where to focus, learn to breathe with your whole body instead of just through the genitals. This will help you increase your awareness.


The next step is to allow yourself to relax. This phase will help you achieve a more refreshed monotonous state of mind. You can do so by taking caffeine or ginkgo Biloba. Look for products that contain both of these.

Relaxation and tingling sensations are welcome to you when you masturbate. Typically, men masturbate more frequently than women do. You will learn which strokes and touches give you the most pleasure. With a lot of practice, you can learn to control not only when you ejaculate but how long you ejaculate as well.

The Benefits of Masturbation

Finally, practicing your masturbation skills will help you achieve those excellent male enhancement benefits that adult porn stars can enjoy. The most common benefit is that you can boost your semen volume. It is not a myth. Your lover may be able to appreciate the extra load you ejaculate every time. You can also enjoy the visual aspect of your sex life as you can see your penis and testicles visually for the first time. Because you can control every aspect of your sexual techniques, you can have the sex life you have always wanted.

Final Words on Masturbation

nuts and bolts? So what if I were to say that you can have all of the above? It is entirely up to you. Masturbation can be a baby step towards becoming a much better lover. If you choose to, you can master masturbation to the fullest. Even a beginner can get creative and explore pleasure with no pressure to perform. Sex also remains an invigorating experience for your whole body and your mind.

If you’re ready to start today, you can start increasing the pleasure you feel by experimenting with sex toys and visualizing. If you feel too embarrassed to explore sex toys, you can watch videos online or read online guides. There are infinite ways to heighten your sexual sensations and become a better lover.