YouTube Premium Tips for user


Tips For Using YouTube Premium



YouTube Premium – Whether you are a beginner or a professional, YouTube is a valuable resource for marketing yourself or your message and how it relates to the world.
Here are three simple tips for use of YouTube.
Use your story. Use it as an introduction to what you have to say about what you are offering the world. Stand out from the crowd. Be more entertaining than a corporate television appearance. Your story could become an article or a book. If so, you could help a stranger become educated about your subject area.

Use quality and storage on your video. All videos on YouTube are limited to two minutes in length. Request your video with emphasis, comic relief, and a punch line.
Use your voice. You could use your website address on your video. “Gary’sagency” is a good one for anyone bragging rights.
Use your video to turn experts into potential clients. Give sales presentations. Provide testimonials. You could make this viral by promoting other coupons, deals, and discounts. Would anyone care? No, they would flip the videos over to do business with you.
Become a blogger. Comment about what your experience is. Do your podcast. You could even start a podcast. This could be a great way to get information appearing on other people’s blogs. Giving expert advice is a good way to show your experience. At the same time, you could use the podcast as a source to promote your product or service.

– Include a link for your slides. This is a powerful way to develop an entertaining introduction for speaking or doing a presentation. A PowerPoint presentation can be done with your slides as a warm-up to your thoughts. Just cut and paste the slide into a document, but then do your voiceover and add beautiful music.
You can use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or other social networks to announce a free teleseminar. You could use your blog, your videos, or your social site. Make your web pages superior to others. Use your content to produce dynamic backlinks to your website. People are attracted to informative, interesting, and stunning.

Go prepared. Have extra promotional materials when promoting your informational products.
Maybe you would like to demonstrate your knowledge of your topic to groups. Maybe you are a speaker, but you would like to be represented by other people. This is another opportunity for you to put your knowledge on display.
Use your product. The booklet or ebook you wrote about your area of expertise could be sold as a special introductory price to promote your new book or teleseries. If you are offering content, you could make it available to a select group. There is small fee for this download in your product, ranging from $10 – $100.

Another handy way to load up your DVDs is to include a CD of your voiceover with it. If you have a script, a great voiceover, or some other content, you can use the CD to present your script, meaning you can change the spoken words to present your story in different ways.
Many online services allow you to book a teleseries or produced a series of DVDs. To make this different then just a traditional speaking engagement, it’s best to use your credit card. YouTube Premium